Women to Goddesses

The following is a Divine Download that our beloved Qi Gong Master Cathy Mu received on March 8th, 2015, which defines a “Goddess on Earth”.  The volunteers of PureBeautiful Healing Foundation, were working side by side with Master Mu at the time, and we had the blissful experience of watching her writing down the entire Divine Message below non-stop within two hours. It was incredible, given how rich, comprehensive, and thorough the Message was.

Please read on and see if you are a "Goddess on Earth" with these amazingly beautiful and powerful traits and qualities. 

Physical Traits
Emotional Traits
Divine Communication
Sexual Connection
Financial Abundance
Healing Power
Energetic Transformation
Personality Traits

Physical Traits:

Ageless Beauty:  A Goddess has a Divine, Angelic, and Universal look no matter what ethnic background she is from. A Goddess is fit, healthy, and naturally beautiful from inside out. She has a radiating and inspiring glow on her face constantly with sparkles and light in her eyes. Her face and body do not appear to age with time and can even age in reverse. A Goddess has mastered the Secret to the "Fountain of Youth".

A Goddess views her body as a Sacred Temple. She consciously takes care of her body with love, respect and care. A Goddess gives her body the right energy by eating healthy food, drinking clean water, and breathing properly, getting enough rest at the right time, and absorbing cosmic energy directly. She knows what she needs to do at her best so she can give the world her BEST in her service of others.

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Emotional Traits:

A Goddess radiates Kindness, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. She loves and respects all beings including all humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life. She is kind and non-judgmental. A Goddess exudes the energy of passion, authenticity and enthusiasm, which is attractive, inspiring, and contagious. She has a certain “quality” that everyone gravitates to but cannot necessarily name “it”.

A Goddess is naturally in a state of joy, peace, gratitude, and happiness, no matter what happens in her life. She loves fearlessly and serves altruistically, wanting nothing in return for herself. She welcomes all life experiences with a smile as they come along. She works through difficulties gracefully with her feminine courage and dignity. She does not try to avoid or suppress pain as she deeply understands that every and each of life experiences, including the seemingly painful ones, happens for a good reason, and is part of her spiritual journey for greater wisdom and enlightenment.

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Divine Communication:

A Goddess exudes a Wealth of Wisdom as she is able to allow her senses (beyond the five senses, of course) to communicate with the Divine Source and receive Answers. She knows how to tap into the Source at will. She is walking with great confidence on her enlightened journey because she knows that she is closely connected with the angels and ascended masters. A Goddess knows her truth and is happy to share her wisdom with others if and when asked and appropriate.

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Sexual Connection:

Love-making with a Goddess is a special form of Spiritual Union between two souls who are closely and intimately connected. A Goddess’ body is firm, fresh, sensual, juicy, healthy, youthful, naturally fragrant and beautiful from inside out. She vibrates at high frequency during love making, showering her beloved with Fountains of Love, making him feel divinely loved, appreciated, and blessed. It is a unique form of Spiritual Transformation and Elevation, bringing a beautiful sensation of being in heaven”.  

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Financial Abundance:

A Goddess is abundant in resources. She does what she loves and loves what she does. She knows who she is and what she is here for (with clarity on her life purpose). A Goddess is creative, independent, genuine, and authentic. She has learned the Universal Principles of Abundance and Prosperity, and lives and works in alignment with the principles. As a result, she is abundantly rewarded financially so she has the resources to live a fulfilled and meaningful life while being in service of others with her unique gifts and talents.

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Healing Power:

A Goddess can help others heal by sending energy healing transmissions via her voice (singing or chanting), words (written or spoken), touching (direct or remote), gazing (direct or remote), praying, or sending thought forms. She can channel in powerful healing transmissions to those in need, in person or from a long distance across oceans and continents. The healing energy that she transmits is pure, sweet, gentle, feminine, beautiful, yet extremely powerful and effective. There is no ego attached to any of the work she does. A Goddess is not attached to fame, popularity, money, or any other forms of personal gain. She stays humble and low key and gives all credit to the Divine and others. Conversely, if you are deeply connected with her, you can look at her in person or from her photo, or connect with her telepathically, and you will receive empowering transmissions and blessings that will help you heal your body, mind, heart, spirit, relationships, or money situation.

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Energetic Transformation:

A Goddess can harmonize her environment with her presence. When a Goddess walks into a room, the entire room lightens up. Her smile makes others feel calm, warm, peaceful, and at ease. A Goddess sees and brings out the goodness in everyone. When there are conflicts, her energy field, which radiates love and compassion, can transmute negativity into positive and harmonious energy.

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Personality Traits:

A Goddess is masterful at what she does, but remains humble and curious like a child, so she is always learning, growing, expanding, and evolving continually. She is open-minded and open- hearted towards things she has yet to learn. Her mindset is consistently positive and uplifting, seeing good in everyone and everything in every situation.

A Goddess is completely congruent. She “practices what she preaches”, and “walks her talk”. She does not wear a mask for the world because her public persona is simply a reflection of her heart and soul.

A Goddess is holistic and conscious in her way of living. She is committed to all aspects of health that touch her own and other people’s lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. She is in oneness with others and the Universe. She works towards peace and harmony, making our planet Heaven on Earth”.

A Goddess is well balanced. She lives among us in a balanced personal and professional life. She may be a mother, wife, sister, trusted friend, while serving others as a highly productive professional in a chosen line of work with her unique abilities.  A Goddess understands the nature of life. She patiently allows the flow and ebb in life and has leaned to let go of the urge to control life. She is always ready to help others, and is also willing to receive help from others when she needs it.

A Goddess is adaptable to new situations. She focuses her energy towards possible solutions to challenges, which she sees as opportunities to learn and grow. She is flexible and open to others’ ideas. When a relationship ends, she graciously accepts it as a “completion of a karmic relationship”. When a loved one is ready to pass on, she works on assisting him or her to transcend to a loving and beautiful realm with peace and joy.

A Goddess on Earth has learned how to work in harmony with people with different personalities from various backgrounds. She has learned to blend in all of the positive qualities of all Five Elements in her: the quality of “water”: gentle, humble, nourishing, yet persistent and powerful; the quality of “fire: bold, passionate, inspiring, and courageous; the quality of “wood”: creative, curious, always learning, growing, and expanding; the quality of “earth”: nurturing, caring, accountable, motherly, and responsible; and the quality of “metal”: clear, ethical, moral, righteous, alchemical, vocally rich and resounding, and able to communicate clearly her emotions, wants, and needs.  A Goddess is in close connection with the planets in the Universe and Divine Beings, who are supporting her with her work on Earth. 

A Goddess is generous, supportive, and willing to share. She honors, respects, and supports the work of others including the work of Sister Goddesses. However, she has learned not to exhaust herself in giving beyond what she can. In other words, she gives her best, but not more than her best, so she can continue serving the world at her best.

Now our dear sister, if you embody some of the traits and qualities, but not all of them, we have great news for you. There are time-tested practices you can learn to cultivate and activate the underdeveloped areas so you will fully grow, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, physically, and even financially, and become an inspiring "Goddess on Earth". You will be able to do so much more good in your life and help so many more people and causes while enjoying a beautiful, abundant, and blissful life. Check out the practices at www.PureBeautifulHealing.org

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