About Master Mu

Master MuMaster Mu is a highly respected Qi Gong Master and a teacher of holistic self-healing and self-empowerment practices in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recipient of "The Master of the Year 2016 For Health Qi Gong", from the 17th World Congress on Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and “The Community Service Award of the Year with Qi Gong Excellence”, from the 15th World Congress on Qi Gong & Traditional Chinese Medicine held in 2013, Master Mu is dedicated to public services through empowerment of individuals and healing of Mother Earth.

Master Mu is down-to-earth and approachable like a friendly neighbor. She is a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and a dear friend of many. In addition, she is a trusted CPA, who has helped thousands of successful professionals and business owners achieve financial freedom and stay abundant. She is highly sought after by clients and well respected by peers. Many people commented how thrilled they were to discover such a uniquely multi-talented teacher who can combine a very left-brain profession as a CPA with a rather right-brain Qi Gong practice so masterfully. She is a perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures, and a role model for balancing between practicality and spirituality. Master Mu is known as the "Abundance Qi Gong Master”, and the "Qi Gong Master of Love and Beauty", and she is the only Qi Gong Master who is also a highly regarded CPA. This unique combination of profound knowledge and wisdom from both sides brings us immense value as Master Mu teaches joyfully on the Secrets to Mastery of a Great Life and to “Having It All”, based upon the Energy of Money Flowthe Principle of Abundancethe Secrets to “the Fountain of Youth”, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), "the Sweet Shortcut to a Great Life", "How to Become an Ageless Goddess", time-tested techniques that help us attract Abundance in Health, Wealth, Joy, Love, Ever-Lasting Beauty, and Happiness.

As a child, she witnessed first-hand the healing of her critically ill mother through the practice of Qi Gong after all other medical treatments had failed. Her mother's journey from near-death to complete recovery taught her the miraculous healing power of Qi Gong. Determined to help others in the same way her mother's Qi Gong teacher helped her mom, she seized every opportunity to study with several great Qi Gong Masters while growing up so she could share these powerful practices with people in need of help. She is forever grateful to all of her teachers. Her life-long practice of Qi Gong has, from an early age, impressed upon her the remarkable healing effects of this "energy art" and practice. Out of this came the inspiration to devote a big part of her life to teaching this amazingly powerful healing modality to support and empower others in their healing, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

In 2008, at Berkeley, California, USA, she met a top Qi Gong Grandmaster whose teaching reached and healed millions (who preferred not to be mentioned by name any longer). She soon became one of the school’s enthusiastic volunteers and certified instructors. Shortly thereafter, while devoting her time and energy to serving and helping others altruistically, without expecting anything in return, she developed extrasensory faculties and powerful healing abilities.

On 10/10/2010, she was selected as a new Qi Gong Master after she passed a series of rigorous tests even though she was unaware that she was being “tested”. Master Mu has been helping others heal by sending them Energy Healing Transmissions via her voice (singing, speaking, or chanting), words (written or spoken), touching (direct or remote), gazing (direct or remote), praying, or sending thought forms. She channels in powerful healing transmissions to those in need, in person or from a long distance across oceans and continents all over the world. People keep saying that the healing energy that Master Mu transmits is so pure, feminine, beautiful, yet extremely powerful and effective. There is no ego attached to any of the work she does. Master Mu stays humble and low key and gives all credit to the Divine and others. Many people have shared that they received powerful transmissions and blessings from Master Mu that helped them with their healing, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially.

If you ask her students or staff or volunteers how they feel about Master Mu, you will hear the following repeatedly: her pure and loving heart, her amazing extrasensory abilities, her down-to-earth and highly effective teaching style that is very easy for the Westerners to receive, her high level of integrity, her deep respect for all beings, her natural tendency in seeing goodness in others, her wisdom and ability to energetically harmonize her surroundings, and her genuine interest in serving and caring for others...Students and practitioners who have come into her presence often experience deep transformation and miraculous healing: physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and even financially. Several highly regarded and successful master healers commented that the healing energy that Master Mu channels in was one of the most powerful and nurturing they had ever witnessed, and they credited this super power to her purity, humility, and selflessness in her service. They affectionately call her “the healers' healer".

Master Mu has been teaching many classes, leading workshops, and speaking at international and national conferences. She has shared Qi Gong practices and offer Energy Healing Transmissions to the public on radio and TV shows, such as the World Puja Network, the Personal Growth Talk Radio on Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Coleen at KEST 1450 AM San Francisco, the Voice of Change on BlogTalkRadio, the Hundredth Monkey Radio Show, the Global Ascension Center’s Juice Bar Radio Show, the Secrets of Qi Gong Masters, and TVHS. Many people reported incredible healing from diseases which their doctors had diagnosed as “incurable”, along with spiritual awakening and transformation, at her classes and group healing sessions.

Another unique way that students have been benefiting from Master Mu’s teaching and healing is via connecting with her energy remotely while she is teaching live classes and doing group healing in the San Francisco Bay Area. For instance, many students from locations far way worldwide, such as Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Iowa, in the USA, and various countries such as India, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, and various countries in Europe, including Germany, Spain, Great Britain, and Belgium, have reported transformational and powerful healing from attending Master Mu’s classes or group healing sessions remotely. With the help of technology, most classes and workshops are offered via live streaming so students can actually hear and see Master Mu while she is teaching, in addition to receiving the Energy Healing Transmissions. 

Master Mu lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her beloved family.