Online Courses (Videos + Energy Healing Transmission)


We have been receiving more and more requests for more flexible ways to take classes from students worldwide who were unable to take certain classes in person or even remotely via live-streaming at the same time period as Master Mu was teaching them due to unavailability caused by difference in time zones or work schedule. Since Master Mu teaches most of the classes only once a year, many students asked if we could offer the videos of live classes so they could receive the benefits of the teaching and the corresponding EHT (Energy Healing Transmission) without having to wait for another year.


To fulfill the needs of these students, we have made the most popular classes and workshops available now as Online Courses (Videos + EHT). Please see below for the specific titles and descriptions.


This is how it works: If you are interested in taking one of the classes or workshops below, click the link and register for the course online. Upon receiving your registration, we will contact you to find out the date you would like to take it. We will co-ordinate with you and other students who have registered for the same course during the same time period for a common time frame of 48 hours when every student in the group will be available to take the course. Most likely, the session will be scheduled on a weekend at a time you and the other people will all be available.  You will be given a link to the recorded course for 48 hours so you will have a nice cushion to take the class online without having to take it at one sitting for 4 or 5 hours. All registered students will attend the workshop or take the class via participating in the practices and exercises taught by Master Mu from watching the recorded course while receiving the Energy Healing Transmission remotely sent by Master Mu while you are taking it.

Please note that this is very different from simply purchasing the right to watch the video of a live event. The registered students attending a specific Online Course will receive the SAME BENEFITS that the students attending the live event in person received. Prior to the start of each class or workshop, Master Mu starts doing special remote energy healing every day for each student who has fully registered for the class, whether they are attending the class in person or remotely via live-streaming of the live event. Many students have reported that they received very profound healing results from the corresponding Energy Healing Transmission Master Mu channeled in before class. Likewise, if you are taking a Recorded Course online, Master Mu will do the same remote healing every day for at least 3 days prior to the scheduled time window when you will be taking the course online. Powerful results have been reported by students who have taken Master Mu's various classes or workshops this way. Please read Testimonials. During the entire time window, when the video link is provided, which is typically 48 hours, Master Mu continues her remote healing for each student. Even after the workshop or class, Master Mu continues her remote work for at least another 3 days to keep the Energy Healing Transmission going for every student. Of course, you will also receive all class handouts live students received.

Once you have completed registration, our system will add you to the Student Roster and forward it to Master Mu who will take in your information and energy deep into her heart, mind, and consciousness while doing her healing work remotely. The sooner you complete registration, the sooner you will be included in the healing and the more benefits you will receive.

If you are new and have not met Master Mu in person, you are welcome to email us a recent photo of you (without sunglasses or other people) for your benefit so Master Mu will be connecting with you more deeply in her remote healing work before class, during the scheduled time window of the session, and after the session.

Please click the link to the description of the class or workshop you are interested in below for detailed info about the class or workshop and then register for the one you would like to take online. We will group you with other students worldwide who wish to take the same course online and schedule a time window that will work for everyone in the group. We will send you the link with all instructions and handouts via email once the time window is scheduled. Please note that the video of certain classes may be slightly shorter than the live classes, as we have edited out the parts that were only relevant to live students who were attending in person including logistics. Thank you.

1. The Abundance Workshop: 
How to Master Your Qi to Attract Abundance and Enjoy a Truly Enriched Life
- with Master Mu

Duration: 4:34:21

2. The Kidney System Healing Class Level I: 
Qi Gong for Strengthening the Kidneys System to Help You Heal the Bones, Reproductive Organs, Kidneys/Bladder, Hearing, Insomnia, and Fear/Stress/Agitation
- with Master Mu

Duration: 3:58:07

3. The Feng Shui Healing Workshop: 
Healing Feng Shui for Your Home, Office, and Car to Clear Obstacles and Bring in Powerful Positive Energy
with Master Mu

Duration: 3:57:40

4. The Liver System Healing Class Level I: 
Qi Gong for Cleansing the Liver System to Help You Heal the Liver/Gall Bladder, Eyes, Tendons, and Anger/Stress
- with Master Mu

Duration: 3:50:08