Healing Feng Shui for Your Home, Office, and Car to Clear Obstacles and Bring in Powerful Positive Energy

Home More Spacious & Light and I Have More Energy & Motivation

Sabrina Leefrom Sabrina Lee (Certified Financial Planner), Oakland, California:

I have to share that my condo felt more spacious and light after the Feng Shui Healing Workshop as if heavy energy had been cleared away. I have been experiencing abundance and positive energy. I also feelI have had a shift in my mental perception in that I am able to really focus on things that are important to the progress that I want to make.Since the Feng Shui Healing Workshop, I have had a shift in my thinking about work and income and how to best spend my time and how to share my skills, knowledge and experience to help other solve problems, whichhas helped increase my energy level and motivation! Thank you!

Much love and appreciation, Sabrina

Part II: Unexpected Money Gifts from Family, Higher Profit Sharing from Employer, and Great Friendships

I'd like to share that I am continuing to receive abundance! First, I celebrated Chinese New Year with my extended family a few weeks ago. I feel fortunate that my family is close by and I am able to see them more often than the average family. Even though it is a tradition to give red envelopes to those who are not married, I was not expecting to receive any money within the envelopes from them because they did't need to. I was also not expecting to get much in terms of monetary value from the red envelopes from my parents and brother/sister-in-law. To my surprise, I received a very generous amount. That night I felt an overwhelming feeling of love, support and generosity from my entire family.

Secondly, I just got an email from my COO that this year's profit sharing contribution will be 6% as opposed to the average 3.5-4%! This came out of nowhere, a​s​ ​I ​continue to receive great fortune and abundance in my life.

And lastly, I am feeling grateful for reconnecting with old friends and building lasting friendships with new people who have good hearts.

Thank you for all that you do and for your wonderful energy!

from Karen H

​I want to thank you all for the wonderful ​Feng Shui Healing Workshop and would like to share my experience. I started feeling th​is​ really calm, peaceful , and loving energy transmission​, right ​after I completed the registration process for the ​Feng Shui Workshop​ as a remote student and sent in the pictures of my house and car for remote clearing​​. (Note that this makes great sense as a lot of students have received benefits corresponding to the theme of the class before the actual time of the class, whileMaster Mu spends weeks preparing for the class, clearing the energy blockages for all registered students and sending energy healing transmissions to them.)

During the workshop, my husband and I were at the coast where the Internet reception was not very good, going in and out. As a result,I was only able to watch part of the workshop via livestreaming. As we were walking on the beach ​right ​after the workshop, all of a sudden without thinking, in my mind's eye I saw the house which we submitted for remote Feng Shui clearing. ​Then a being​,​ which looked like a black ghost​, came out​ from underneath the house . At that time I remembered ​from the workshop that the Universal Grandmasters would come and take the negative entities inside the house to a nice and loving place. Therefore at that momentI just asked these Universal Grandmasters of Feng Shui clearing/healing to please take this being to a good place. Shortly afterwards I saw the black ghost floa​ting​ up and then it was gone.

Thank you so much for the healing from the wonderful Feng Shui ​Workshop! ​

from Kathy Perkins, Marin County, California:

In Western cultures we are not so familiar with the importance of the energetic flow of our surroundings. Through Master Mu's wisdom-enhancing teaching, and her extraordinary abilities to conduct the incredible Feng Shui healing transmissions, it was easy to absorb the significance of correct Yin and Yang Feng Shui. Before the Feng Shui Clearing & Healing Ceremony began, we were asked to write down the license plate numbers of our cars and the addresses for our homes and workplaces. I wrote down the address for my son's home, where a previous tenant had committed suicide. The energy there was very unhealthy and causing problems for my son and his girlfriend. During the ceremony at the workshop, I saw the soul of the man who had killed himself, two other souls attached to my son's girlfriend and one more soul attached to my son. The soul of the suicide fatality was very sad and desolate. He liked living with the company of my son and his girlfriend, and at first he didn't want to go, and the other three souls were also reluctant to leave. Becoming aware of their desolate state of being I cried deep tears of compassion. They knew of nowhere else to go and were all very sad. As they learned at the workshop the remarkable opportunity to move on to where they truly belong, they lined up side by side awaiting assistance from The Divine Beings to take them. I was sobbing as I recognized the interconnectedness of our souls, and as the healthy separation took place. Over and over I repeated the four phrases: "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you," as we had been instructed by Master Mu. Thankfully, they all decided to move on. I was then crying with deep gratitude and appreciation, for the passed-over souls, for The Universal Grandmasters who continually bless, guide and help us. Such a Divine Gift we are all blessed with. On the way home after class, I stopped by my son's home to have dinner with them. The energy there was clear and clean like his place had been scrubbed from top to bottom! Wow! Through Master Mu's loving heart came the most gentle, profound, and healing transmissions. Once again I sit in deep thanks for Master Mu!

With deepest respect, gratitude, and appreciation,

Kathy Perkins

from Kieryn Aquila, Healdsburg, California:

Master Mu once again warmly embraced the classroom like her family and expressed herself with softness and grace. I feel it's an honor to be present here. I learned a great deal of new material about Feng Shui. Recently, I moved to a new home and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to use! I felt energy clearings as well, on many levels. My physical body is feeling stronger, too. It has become obvious to me that the inner healing far surpasses what is on the flyer description of the workshop.

Much Love and Gratitude,


Mary Ho, San Mateo, Californiafrom Mary Ho (PharmD, Licensed Pharmacist), San Mateo, California:

Usually I don't get this emotional, but during the ceremony, I felt a lot of emotions coming through. Especially when I was listening to Master Mu singing, I felt so much Great Love coming from the Universe through her. It really touched my heart very deeply. I started crying and I felt the collective feeling of the souls of deceased and they were melted in this Great Love. After they decided to move on, there was this great clearing in the space all of a sudden, that felt so wonderful. I feel so inspired by the Great Love coming from Master Mu as a conduit. I feel so grateful for the abundance of love that we can tap into. That's the power of Great Love right there."

from Cheryl, Penngrove, California:

This is my first time attending the Feng Shui workshop. I realized that where I live there are so many souls of the deceased. There is a lot of sinking energy near the railroad tracks. Now that I realize there are so many earth-bound lost souls, I see it is a huge job to help them go to the light. I'm glad I got that realization here after I have learned the Universal tools rather than in a dark night by myself without tools."

from Ariel Mullins, Forestville, California:

It was a delight to join together with many in our community to participate in Master Mu's's workshop on Feng Shui Energy Healing for the Home and Workplace. She guided the class with many new considerations about how to achieve balance and harmony in one's life through both the Yin and Yang balancing and healing of these two different aspects of Feng Shui. As we received the clearing and healing transmission so lovingly offered by Master Mu, we reached out with our hearts to embrace the entire class, our community beyond, and all beings around the globe, who can benefit from this ancient practice. I felt perceptively lighter and more joyful within after receiving this wonderful internal "tune-up". In these times of great challenge and transition for humanity and the Earth, it is a great source of comfort and support to have the energy practices as a well-spring to draw from.