Zen Qi Gong

Zen Qi Gong has been known in China for 1,400 years for its amazing efficacy in healing illnesses  & enhancing health and fitness. This practice is "foundational" because it is a comprehensive self-healing practice that supports and enhances all the other PureBeautiful Healing practices, from basic to advanced. It is also ​a​ pre-requisite for all the advanced classes including the class for becoming a Healer and for the upcoming Teachers' Training Program.
Benefits Include:

  • Strengthening your energy field & restoring your vitality;
  • Clearing your meridian channels & facilitating your self-healing;
  • Activating your untapped psychic potentials;
  • Rapidly expanding your energy (Qi) field to:
  • Accelerate your body’s self-healing process,
  • Heal challenging and chronic diseases,
  • Relieve your physical & emotional pain,
  • Strengthen your immune system,
  • Resolve fear, anxiety, stress, anger and depression,
  • Detoxify your body and optimize your body weight,
  • Transform your relationships at home and work. ​

This practice is especially useful for professionals in the healing arts including, but not limited to, energy healers, Qi Gong teachers, yoga teachers, medical doctors, psychotherapists, massage therapists, doctors of TCM, acupuncturists, Feng Shui masters, martial artists, and athletes. With regular practice, you will be able to effectively expand your individual energy field, and to elevate the level of your professional practice.
This practice can also help individuals alleviate symptoms caused by spirit attachments​, and can help healthy individuals with prevention of spirit attachments in the future.

Sharing from Past Participants:

"I am a healer. Zen Qi Gong has really helped me clear myself out and improve the way that I channel energy. Now I can just concentrate on the work of healing others. The feeling of internal purification is wonderful." 

"Ten days ago I began practicing Zen Qi Gong. I feel much more content, with more courage and strength. My evenings are now so peaceful… My husband is amazed. Somehow I feel my colleagues are much nicer. I relate to family members much better now. Apparently this practice helps with improving interpersonal relationships in addition to healing the body and mind. Thank you!"