Divine Protection from Negative Energy, Radiation, & Toxins

The Celestial Shield is a protective energetic shield, custom-made for each student in the workshop. When you are protected by this great tool, you will be able to LOVE Completely with NO FEAR in spite of being exposed to various negative environments. Therefore, this powerful protection is extremely important  for doctors, nurses, massage therapists, acupuncturists, doctors of TCMs, other professionals in the healing arts, consultants or other professionals who work closely with other people or animals, or people who are exposed to pollutants, chemicals, toxic environments, or negative energy.  

Benefits of the Celestial Shield:

  • Protects You from Pollution, Viruses, Bacteria, Toxins, & Radiation
  • Strengthens Your Immune System
  • Keeps You from Spirit Attachments
  • Enables Your Body to Withstand the Force from Physical Impact
  • Safeguards You from Unhealthy Energy, while enhancing Your Healing Energy so you can focus on taking care of others with PURE LOVE without fear

In the workshop, you will:

  • Learn the importance of energetic protection
  • Receive and activate your own Celestial Shield
  • Learn how to cultivate, support, and strengthen your Celestial Shield

If you have taken this workshop, you may ask: Do I benefit from reviewing this workshop? The answer is YES. The Transmission will be in alignment with the current time and space so you can clean up the negative energies that may have been built up in your Celestial Shield from your exposure to negative environments and repair any holes or cracks you may have on your Celestial Shield, and strengthen your Celestial Shield. A good analogy is that we go to our dentist for regular dental cleaning to keep our teeth and gum healthy. The same holds true for the need to clean up our Celestial Shield so it can function at an optimal state to protect you, and keep growing.

Sharing from Past Participants:

Celestial Shield Practice Freed me of My Lifelong Fear of Flying & Negative Energy

from Angie Sachdeva, San Mateo, California:

Angie SachdevaI signed up for Master Mu's Celestial Shield workshop in March, soon after they were announced. Ever since then, many amazing things have happened to me, starting even before the Celestial Shield Practice workshop took place in May. (Note that this makes great sense as a lot of students have received benefits corresponding to the theme of the class before the actual time of the class, while Master Mu spends weeks preparing for the class, clearing the energy blockages for all registered students and sending energy healing transmissions to them.)

I used to be afraid of flying. However, during my trip to the Philippines and then to Australia in April, I felt very safe and noticed that I have overcome my fear of flying! I attribute this to one of the benefits of the Celestial Shield Practice which is to give protection.

After attending the Celestial Shield Practice workshop in May, a strong internal grounding and stability took place within me which I did not experience before. I have learned many healing techniques over the years because I have always enjoyed helping people. In the past, when I did healing on others such as massage therapy or energy work, oftentimes I would forget to ground myself and as a result, I got drained of my energy while others got well. Due to these experiences, as much as I love to help others, I sometimes hesitate to do so out of fear. Recently, I did some therapies on some of my friends and was amazed that I did not feel any strain on my energy. I remained healthy and strong afterwards, which was definitely different from before I had the Celestial Shield on me. My Shield helps ground me and thus protects me from energy drain. My Celestial Shield has been protecting me well and has given me more self-confidence.  Now I can focus on helping others with PURE LOVE without fear!  I also noticed that I am a lot less afraid of the negative energy from people and the surroundings as I walk in places that are unsafe. I have been cultivating my Celestial Shield by doing the ​Guided Morning and Evening practice​s​ with Master Mu's audio recording daily and I can feel my Shield getting stronger every day. 

Celestial Shield is truly an answer to my prayers and a great tool I have been waiting to receive for all these years. It is like a dream that has finally come true!

Thank you​!​


from Cheryl Yonker, San Francisco, California:

Cheryl YonkerCelestial Shield Practice is such a wonderful tool for living in this world. For those of us who are keenly aware of the toxic components in our environment and doing our best to be good stewards of our bodies, humanity and the earth, Celestial Shield is greatly welcomed. I had an experience of greater ease and confidence in my well-being by the close of the day. I will keep choosing natural organic foods/herbs and essential oils, use non-toxic products, detox in the ways that I can - but will do so with more feeling of joy than fear as a result of doing this class. Thank you, Master Tian Jia, Mary and other assistants. The fact of being able to do live-streaming through You Tube is just amazing - it worked very well."


Cheryl Yonker

from Hector Campero, Mexico City, Mexico:

Hector CamperoDear Master TianJia Mu and Mary,

Thank you, and the Universal Grandmasters, so much for this fabulous ​Celestial ​Shield ​ Workshop.

Even though ​I was taking the Celestial Shield Practice several months after the actual workshop via the recording​, and I was​ taking it in Mexico, the energy and experience during the recording was amazing, same as being there!

Specially during the initiation when we offered our energetic hearts to the Universal Grandmasters, I began to feel tremendous love and deep compassion flowing through my heart, the purest love and sweetness tha​t​ I can only call Divine!  I am still brimming with love and can't stop smiling.  :o) 

I already bought the ​Audio for the ​​Guided Celestial Shield Practice with Master Mu and am looking forward to ​strengthening and cleansing my Celestial Shield ​every morning and every evening with Master Mu​!

With much much love and gratitude!!!


from Valerie Hausmann, Guerneville, California:
"The Celestial Shield Practice was just what the doctor ordered!  It was very empowering to know that I have another wonderful tool that I can access, especially with what is happening in the world today. I was starting to build up a lot of fear about the radiation from Japan and I have to say that after the class that fear dissolved along with a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Thank you, for sharing such a beautiful gift with the world!”

from Ariel Mullins, Forestville, California:
"When making a descent down Montana Machu Picchu I stepped on a bowl-shaped rock which shifted and tossed me off balance. In a state similar to slow motion I fell to the ground and had the sense of bouncing as I hit the earth. My protective shield left me without a bruise or a scratch."

from Kieryn Aquila, Healdsburg, California:
"I was driving into an industrialized part of the East Bay when my car, nose and lungs were filled with something terrible and toxic smelling. My instincts went to my Celestial Shield and Celestial Breathing. I felt instant protection and the scent disappeared."

from Laura Aleo, San Francisco, California:
"Going on four years now, my Celestial Shield helps to protect me from catching common colds and flus when traveling. As a frequent flyer, my Shield has replaced the need to take extra supplements before getting on a plane."