Energy Healing Transmission

What is Energy Healing Transmission?

As part of the Universe, we are always in exchange of energy with the rest of the Universe through the energy passageways of our bodies and minds, such as our meridian channels, acupuncture points, our thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds. Positive energies help us heal and stay healthy, happy, and abundant. Negative energies, on the other hand, make us sick, bring us bad luck or disasters, and keep us stuck and unhappy.

Channeling Energy Healing Transmission (EHT) is a Healing Methodology where a divinely-connected and well-trained Qi Gong master with a very pure soul, a loving heart, and a clean and strong body, such as Master Mu, can serve as an energy transmitter or conduit, to relay the powerful Healing Energy from the corresponding Planet or Divine beings to the participants for self-healing, through the voice (singing or chanting), words (written or spoken), touching (direct or remote), gazing (direct or remote), praying, or energy waves from her heart and mind. The powerful EHT can be sent to those in need via a qualified master healer, in person or from a long distance across oceans and continents. Every Energy Healing Transmission is specific. Here are just a few examples: there is an EHT for healing the Heart System, or the Liver System, or the Digestion System, or the Respiratory System, there is an EHT for releasing anger, or fear, or depression, or worry, or jealousy, and there is an EHT for bringing in abundance and wealth.

What the recipients need to do is to tune in at the specified time periods, mentally and energetically connect with the master transmitter, and stay open to the Energy Healing Transmission to receive the benefits.