Qi Gong for Revitalizing the Heart System to Help You Heal the Heart/Small Intestine, Blood, Blood Vessels, Tongue, and Emotions of the Heart

Benefits Include:

  • Improved Memory
  • Quicker & Clearer Thinking
  • More Love & Compassion for yourself & others
  • Greater Presence of Mind with Enhanced Awareness
  • More Effective Small Intestine
  • Stronger & More Stable Heart
  • A More Symmetrical & Attractive Face
  • More Emotionally Expressive & Alive
  • Enhanced Wisdom & Better Discernment
  • Reactivation of Your Heart's Natural Intuitive Ability
  • Restoring Your Heart's Healthy State: Peace, Joy, & Gratitude
  • Healthier Blood, Blood Vessels, & Tongue

At the class, you will

  • Receive powerful and nurturing Energy Healing Transmissions channeled from Planet Mars through Master Mu for healing the organs in the Heart/Small Intestine System, including the heart, small intestine, blood vessels, and tongue, which will also help bring you greater heart stability, emotional balance, and expand your capacity for love;
  • Learn a set of Qi Gong exercises for the Heart/Small Intestine System, which is comprised of simple yet profoundly effective energy-based physical movements for healing and strengthening you heart, small intestine, blood vessels, tongue, and restores your heart's healthy state of  Peace, Joy, & Gratitude;
  • Receive info on time-tested Chinese medical remedies for protecting and nurturing your Heart/Small Intestine System.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is the BEST Season of the year to effectively cleanse, strengthen, and heal the Heart/Small Intestine System to help ​you cleanse the Blood, ​heal problems with the Blood Vessels, Heart/Small Intestine,​Tongue, and Emotions of the Heart such as Anxiet​y​, Hatred,​ and ​J​ealousy.

This class will help you with healing from the following:

  • Heart ​Diseases such as: Irregular Heartbeat, Heart Palpitations, Angina, Chest Pain, or Other Cardiovascular Diseases;
  • Small Intestine Issues such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, ​or ​Celiac Disease​;​
  • Anxiety, Panic​ Attack​, Being Easily Startled;
  • Underlying Sadness​;​
  • Poor Memory or Confusion;
  • Feeling Overwhelmed, or Emotionally Exhaus​ted;​
  • Feeling of Jealousy;
  • Mood Swings​;​
  • Disturbed Sleep or Insomnia;
  • Hypertension, Fluctuating Blood Pressure, or Circulatory Problems;
  • Uneven Breathing, Profuse Sweating, or Sensation of Heat;
  • Bitter Taste in the Mouth;
  • Tongue Pain, Pale Tongue, or Red Tongue with no Coating;
  • Bluish Lips, Dry Mouth or Throat, or ​Ulcers on the ​Mouth ​or Tongue;
  • Cold Limbs or Hands;
  • Dark or Burning Urine;
  • Low Grade Fever;
  • ​Overly ​Red or Pale Complexion of the Face.

Sharing from Past Participants:

Old Hurts & Stress Replaced with Renewed Enthusiasm, Optimism, and Passion for Life…

from: Melina Wakefield, Guerneville, California

The Energy Healing Transmission for Heart Healing given by Master M was very powerful and very loving. Her radiant heart shone through as she offered her simple but profound insights into the nature of the Universal Great Love energy or Qi that is the foundation of all of the Energy Healing Practices she teaches.

I found Master Mu’s explanation of the Heart System from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine very helpful. I went very deeply into an intuitive experience of the energy in my heart, feeling old hurts and stresses dissolved in the wake of waves of Love, warmth and joy. I really enjoyed connecting with the red energy of the fire planet Mars during the transmission, feeling a rekindling and renewal of my enthusiasm, optimism and passion for life. At the end, I couldn't stop smiling. I am delighted and very grateful to Master Mu for the loving service she so graciously provides and look forward to attending more of her classes. We are very fortunate to have her here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amazing Healing for My Aching Heart

from Maggie Alexander, Santa Cruz, California

Dear Master Mu,

I was most fortunate to attend the Heart Healing class you taught in Berkeley.

The experience I had there with you was remarkable and I want to tell you about it. As the healing began I saw in my heart several past lifetimes that have held much pain for me in this lifetime. In both of them I was a warrior and many lives were lost. One was a Native American lifetime and the other I did not quite understand except that the pain of war was there ready to be healed and released. In this life my father was a well known general and in my early life he was abusive in many ways. Later in his life we were able to come to peace between us before he died.  My son in this lifetime has had a very difficult time and we are currently estranged - this is extremely painful for me. 

The Heart Healing has helped me to lighten that pain and I daily say the beautiful prayers I learned at the class: “'I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”....  In my dreams after the Heart Healing I saw that this life for me has been defined by suffering and that I can choose to heal it ALL! 

In my morning meditation the morning following the healing class, a message came to me that I may have been vulnerable to a stroke in years ahead and because of the Heart Healing class, I will not have that stroke.

So, you can see clearly this was a most profound experience for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to attending more of your upcoming events and classes.

In gratitude,

Maggie Alexander