Testimonials for Classes on Healing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Transmission

I Lost All the Excess Weight without Effort after Remotely Taking Master Mu’s Qi Gong Class for Nourishing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Transmission

from Nikki Vergara (Teacher), Metro Manila, the Philippines:

Nickki Vergera

When I took on a teaching job that I found incredibly stressful, I started gaining weight uncontrollably. I tried to manage my weight by exercising and going on diets but all my efforts were to no avail. It was when my aunt Angie enrolled me to Master Mu’s Qi Gong Class for Nourishing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Transmission when I started  losing weight without even trying. I lost all the weight that I gained and have kept it off since. Even more, I eat what I want without gaining weight and feel much healthier now.

Healer's Healer: Thank you for Master Mu's Powerful Healing for my Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System

from Vanessa Wright (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner), Sunnyvale, California:

VanessaDear Mary,​

I want to express my gratitude to ​you and ​Master Mu for thetremendous shifts in healing I've experienced since her class two weeks ago. Life stress had so impacted my stomach/pancreas/spleen system that I lost more than 20 pounds (that I did NOT want to lose) as well as my taste and appetite for food. After the Qi Gong class, I went home and felt a craving for a fresh green salad - every single bite tasted delicious! I also felt a positive shift in my body weight. Master Mu's class and transmission were beautiful blessings for which I am most grateful.

I greatly appreciate Master Mu's continued transmission of healing energy with love. Her energy seems to be working on me as I sleep. Two nights ago, in my dreams, I met Hua Tuo, one of the attending Medical Deities who were helping us with healing of our Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System during class. He appeared to me as a tall, slender being dressed in black. He gave me a healing by touch. It was brief but significant in that I remember it vividly and felt great peace afterwards. Last night, in a dream, I was given an acupuncture treatment by a lovely woman with lots of needles in my lower legs only, and later on I realized the lovely woman was Master Mu!

​I'm very much looking forward to seeing you and Master Mu again at our upcoming class soon!

With much appreciation and love,


I Feel Energized, Healthy, and More Compassionate Towards Animals Thanks to the Bi Gu Transmission

​​Angie Sachdevafrom Angie Sachdeva (Retired Chemist), Modesto, California:
I used to be a meat eater, especially pork — loved anything cooked with pork. Last year when I watched Master Mu's DVD "Qi Gong Energy Healing Transmission for Weight Loss & Detoxification" on Bi Gu transmission, my love for eating meat gradually diminished. Sometimes I would eat chicken salad sandwiches, but ​later​ I ​ was only able to eat half of the sandwich. When I ​was invited to friends' homes, I w​ould ​only eat the vegetables in their meal. They would add more vegetables to my plate because I ​ was​ unable to eat the meat portion of a meal without feeling sick.

After the workshop with Master Mu on "Healing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Energy Healing Transmission to Help You Lose Excess Weight, Reverse Aging, and Increase Sustainability" 2 weeks ago in August, I just couldn't eat​​ meat any longer. The sight and smell of meat makes me feel sick. I became sensitive and aware of the pain the animals suffered when they were being slaughtered.

Now, shopping for food is easy for me as I just go to the farmer's market. If I have to go to the grocery store, I just go straight to the produce section. Now my shopping and eating is simplified and I love it!

Thank you Master Mu! I feel so energized and healthy.


My 5-year-old Daughter Received Bi Gu Transmission Remotely, So Did My 2-Year-Old Son

from Jasmin Shih, San Jose, California:

​My husband and I really enjoyed the class ​on Healing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Bi Gu Transmission with Master Mu​ yesterday, and we really appreciated ​my friend Angie ​for tellingus about Master Mu so we can learn from such ​a ​compassionate Master.

​I'm very excited to tell you that my ​5-year-old ​daughter, Iris, really experienced ​Bi Gu transmission yesterday afternoon as a remote student.​ When I got home, she told me she'​d​ been feeling so full ​that she didn't eat the lunch I prepare​d ​for her. And she even told me ​that "​someone​"​ ha​d​ been feeding her lots of food yesterday afternoon, so that ​ was why she didn't feel hungry.Just right before ​my​ kids ​went to bed this evening, I saw my 2-year-old son Hugo​​ grabbing something from the air and put​ting​ it in his mouth, and when I asked him what ​he was eating, he just grab​bed​ some from the air and fed me! I show​ed​ him the picture of Grandmaster Chi SongZi ​ (the attending deity of Bi Gu transmission) that I got from the class, and ask​ed him if this ​was the person who gave him the food, he looked at it and said yes! It's amazing how they are just receiving it so naturally!

My Amazing ​Breakthrough After the Class on "Healing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Qi Gong"

from Kathryn Nymoen (Voice-Over Artist), San Jose, California:

My healing was emotional. When I finished singing the solo last Sunday, I went backstage, to the soloist room, and wept. What for? I cannot say. I just know that while I prepared for church that morning, I was peaceful. Usually when I am asked to substitute in a church, I am anxious. I used to sing regularly, but as our family grew and our lives unfolded, I found less and less time for practice and felt that it was not right to sing "underprepared". I gave up my soloist job and began substitute singing.

Over the last year, however, I have said "NO" more than "YES". When the week leading up to the ​PureBeautiful Healing ​​Workshop ​on Healing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System with Qi Gong​ started, I found myself practicing not just the solo I had selected, but so many other pieces that I LOVE. Most notably, THE LORD's PRAYER. All of the notes were there to my surprise! I wept at home that week, too. Just so you can understand, my dream of singing was my FIRST dream. I was a "Blue Baby" (induced) and had the umbilical cord wrapped 3 times around my neck.My apgar scores and my birth weight were dismally low. I wonder if my obsession with music as a baby was to HEAL. As a toddler and all the way through myadolescence and youth, I was "singing, singing, singing", to anything and everything! When I met my husband and we started our family, I retired from my then professional singing occupation, and focused instead on making a living where I could be home to raise our children. That being said, the church singing was my lifeline I think. When over the past three years I gave it up, I started developing stomach issues. I even had my gallbladder taken out about that time! Imagine my surprise when Master Mu began our workshop with SINGING!!! To say that this thrilled me would be a gross understatement! Huuu....​Ommm.....I Love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, THANK YOU! WOW!

So, ​I'm definitely going to keep doing this set of Qi Gong exercises​...​: - )I was so pleasantly surprised when Master Mu said that the corresponding "Sound of the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System" is Singing. ​​That's truly amazing! ​I've been told ​recently ​how everyone in my church enjoyed my singing and I was just asked to sing at my church again, and I am definitely saying YES to​ it​....

Much Love and Light,