Class Topics

1. Physical Practices:

  •  The Pathway to the Heavens: Qi Gong for Beginners for Health & Happiness
  • Eight Silky Movements to Energize Your Whole Body Quickly
  • Zen Qi Gong Description 
  • Powerful Palm Practice: Training for Energy Healers
  • Qi Gong for Weight Loss, Detoxification, & Fitness
  • Qi Gong for Cleansing the Liver System to Help You Heal the Liver/Gall Bladder, Eyes, Tendons, and Emotional Issues such as Anger/Stress (Spring) Description
  • Qi Gong for Revitalizing the Heart System to Help You Heal the Heart/Small Intestine, Blood, Blood Vessels, Tongue, and Emotions of the Heart (Summer) Description
  • Qi Gong for Purifying the Lungs/Large Intestine System to Help You Heal Skin Issues, Problems with your Nose/Sinuses, Illnesses with your Lungs or Large Intestine, and Bring you out of Sadness or Depression (Fall) Description
  • Qi Gong for Strengthening the Kidneys System to Help You Heal the Bones, Reproductive Organs, Kidneys/Bladder, Hearing, Insomnia, and Emotional Issues such as Fear/Stress/Agitation Description
  • Qi Gong for ​​Nourishing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System ​with Bi Gu energy Healing Transmission to Help You Lose Weight Easily, Reverse Aging, and Increase Sustainability (Mid-Year​: Late Summer/Early Fall​​) Description

2. Physical/Emotional Group Healing Sessions:

  • Energy Healing Transmission sessions (usually in the evening):
    • Healing Within Universal Energy
    • Depression Healing
    • Stress Reduction and Healing
    • 5-Organ Energy Healing Transmission Sessions:
      • Cleansing the Liver/Gall Bladder System (Spring)
      • Healing the Heart/Small Intestine System (Summer, or a special session for Valentine's Day)
      • Nourishing the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas System (Mid-Year​: Late Summer/Early Fall​​)
      • Purifying the Lungs/Large Intestine System (Fall)
      • Strengthening the Kidneys/Bladder System (Winter)
    • BiGu: Lose Weight & Detox with Cosmic Energy Description
    • Interpersonal Relationships Healing and Harmonizing

3. Special Teaching/Healing Sessions:

  • Disaster Relief Techniques: What Can We Do To Be Empowered and Prepared for Potential Disasters?
  • Revealing a Secret: How to Reverse Aging & Live a Happy, Healthy, and Long Life
  • Enlightened Abundance: The Real Secret to Prosperity & Happiness Description
  • A New Way to Know Yourself & Others to Transform Relationships (Five-Element)

4. Physical & Energetic Healing Sessions and Workshops:

  • Workshop on Spirit Attachments Clearing: Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul Description
  • Healing Feng Shui in Your Home, Office, and Car 
  • Workshop on Healing Feng Shui for Your Home, Office, and Car to Clear Obstacles and Bring in Powerful Positive Energy​ Description
  • Sound Healing
  • Divine Protection Practice (to Protect You from Negative Energy, Radiation, & Toxins) Description
  • Full-Body Breathing for a Long & Happy Life Description
  • Healing Emotions, Optimizing Weight, Maintaining Vitality of Youth with Qi Gong
  • Three Special Breathing Techniques to Lose Excess Weight Quickly

5. Workshops/Retreats on Alchemy (The Secret Is Out Now):

  • Intro to Alchemy: Light Energy Kidneys (Key to Longevity & Reversing Aging)
  • Intermediate Alchemy I: Light Energy Body
    • Replacement or Renewal of the Energy Body
  • Intermediate Alchemy II:
    • Resolving issues in the soul;
    • Activating extraordinary faculties;
  • Retreat: Advanced Alchemy
    • Healing deep-rooted soul issues;
    • Strengthening extraordinary faculties;
    • Self-Discovery through traveling back in time & space.

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