Full-Body Breathing for Empowering Yourself with Extraordinary Ways to Breathe to Enjoy a Long & Happy Life

from Kieryn Aquila, Healdsburg, California:

"After years of yoga, meditation and supplements to reduce the stress of life, Full-Body Breathing is by far the most effective Self Nourishment I have experienced... Immersion in deep contentment, connection, peace... where true passion may birth positive change."

from Mayah Humes, Neah Bay, Washington:

"My participation in the Full-Body Breathing workshop was a blessed experience. I went into a deep state where I was only taking three slow breaths per minute. I felt air coming in and out of my pores and acupuncture points. After the workshop, I was in my car, driving to Mt. Adams, when a pick-up truck going very quickly passed in front of me, exuding a foul smell as if releasing poisonous chemicals into the air. The first thing I did was activate my Full-Body Breathing, and then I activated my Celestial Shield. My breathing slowed down significantly and I felt calm and safe. I noticed the smell had instantly disappeared as well, although I was still driving closely behind. I feel so grateful for this powerful gift.

Of course, there have been many times when I was surrounded by toxic chemicals, such as a freshly painted room or a gas station, and I activated my Full-Body Breathing. My breathing slowed down significantly, and I felt universal energy coming into me through my pores or acupuncture points. I am now able to avoid in-taking the high level of toxins in certain environments. The more I practice, the more I am able to allow myself to fall into this state, slowing down my breath.

This practice is useful for anybody! It is empowering for people to know that they are not helpless to the situations surrounding them. The Full-Body Breathing workshop is a great opportunity to open one of many of the human potentials. I feel the more that people become aware of the phenomena, the more people will be able to protect themselves whenever necessary."