Welcome to PureBeautiful Healing!


PureBeautiful Healing Foundation is an educational foundation that is not-for-profit and non-religious. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals in restoring vibrant physical, emotional and mental health, and in their spiritual awakening and transformation. The self-healing and self-empowerment techniques and practices that we teach and share joyfully are "heart-centered" and “love-based”. We are here to share proven ways for more abundance in health, wealth, and happiness.

One of the main systems of practices we teach is called "Qi Gong". Qi = Bioelectricity in modern science. Qi Gong means Cultivation of Energy Flow. Qi Gong has been proven to be a very powerful “Preventative and Natural Medicine” for health, and "Natural Botox" for beauty, with 6,000 years of history.

Our strong focus is in teaching and offering Qi Gong tools and practices to empower humanity through positively changing the quality and strength of the energy field within us and around us, which is the core foundation of all physical manifestation on our planet. These energy-based techniques and practices are valuable additions to our “Survival Kit” for our changing and challenging times. The practices we offer are comprehensive and help with healing of all aspects of our being, including the body, mind, heart, and soul, as well as with healing of Mother Earth. All the practices we teach were received directly from the Divine Universe which is why they are so pure, completely safe, highly effective, and amazingly powerful.

Although we are a non-religious organization, we respect and welcome students from all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Our practitioners from all walks of life, including medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, police officers, accountants, engineers, professors, teachers, talk show hosts, financial advisers, non-profit directors, coaches, singers, pharmacists, business owners, executives, artists, gardeners, researchers, scientists, dancers, healing arts professionals, and those with various cultural and spiritual backgrounds have reported that the practices they learned here further deepened their belief systems and enriched their lives.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this beautiful and uplifting journey to Abundance in Health, Wealth, & Happiness, a transformative process through which we enjoy the rich experience of vibrant health, joyful relationships, ever-lasting beauty from inside out, and abundance in all.

We are based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, where  most classes and workshops are held. However, the majority of our events are live-streamed as we have remote students and participants worldwide in many countries who have been attending via live-streaming and have received fantastic results in many areas such as healing of stubborn health issues, more wealth and abundance, significant improvement of relationships, and becoming more youthful and beautiful as they grow older and wiser.